Travelling Stress-Free With Your French Bulldog

Are you frustrated and/or embarrassed with your French bulldog behavior? You have tried every method and none of them seem to work? Are you worrying that if your dog behavior continues you might lose it and go berserk? If so, I like to share with you 7 strategies to train  French bulldog puppies for adoption  your dog in hope to end the stress and annoyance.

Certain French bulldogs are aggressive, some are sweet and absolutely hilarious, and some have amusing personality and love to clown around. Knowing a little about your French bulldog character and personality are essential for the exercise otherwise any oversight along the way can wear away the respect and love between you and your dog.

The key to successfully dog behavior training require pleasant and enjoyable interactions between you and your dog, and must be rewarding for your dog.

  1. French bulldog is an independent thinker and can be very stubborn if they see no point to the exercise. If they display unwanted behaviors, do not show gentleness or sweet talking to them. When they sense an owner is unpretentious or unassertive towards them, they will become a dog gone hard headed.
  2. Always display good leadership and control of any unwanted behavior.
  3. Use a strong and firm voice to command, and never yell or scream at them.
  4. Decide on one praise word to marks good behavior such as ‘Good’, and one release word to end the exercise such as ‘Go’.
  5. Try to carry some goodies around to reward good behavior.
  6. Each exercise should not last more than a few minutes because their concentration span is short.
  7. The exercise will take several attempts until they understand what you want them to do. So be patient and understanding.


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